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We Can Not Continue On This Fiscal Course
David Petsel To Serve Coralville Campaign
Pam Maddhi - Campaign Chair
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 Got a few questions from a reporter today. 9/24/13
Thought I'd share them with you.

Why are you critical of Coralville's past usage of TIF?

I don't think tax dollars diverted through the TIF program need to be used for the ownership and development of properties that will be run by large private corporations. I believe it is the the city's place to provide
infrastructure improvements, cleanup costs and lobby on behalf of Coralville to get new businesses to locate to our community. I don't think the city has the citizens best interest in mind when they play developer and landlord for a lot of these new projects. The risks involved with these ventures should not be carried on the taxpayers back.
The diversion of these taxes have put a strain on our relationship with our neighbors in our county. These taxes are also diverted from the school districts. I don't want to get taxed twice if the school system needs more funding and have to ask for a SILO tax to cover the taxes that are being diverted.

How do you think Coralville should reform its policies? Is it possible to do so without raising taxes?

As a small business owner in Coralville with around 50 employees I know what it means to have a budget, track your expenses, make a payroll and the debt load a business can carry. Each business has a different level of risk it is willing to take. I don't believe Coralville understands the debt load it can support as represented by the downgrading of our bond rating from Moody's. I will try to sway the council to send a huge message to Moody's and any entity willing to invest in our area that we will be good stewards of their investments and will show them a long term plan for Coralvilles
expansion that will benefit them , while benefiting Coralville. As a city councilor I would like to look at all of the contracts with regard to city agreements with private entities and renegotiate them if needed. I would like to see more lobbying to promote robust private investment in the area. I would try to mend some fences with our neighbors in our county. I'd like to see more public works programs and facilities. Our community is having some of the same problems that Iowa City was facing several years ago with the influx of refugees from urban areas seeking a better life for their families. I'd like to see a Community Facility for At Risk Youth
with structured programs to help these children. I will put city services and infrastructure first.

Is it possible to service this debt without raising taxes?

We have dug ourselves a pretty big hole. I would say that if our bond rating doesn't change we will have problems in the future servicing our debt. The current forecast of debt repayment from the City looks like it's optimistically 30 years off. Since the city has decided to be a private developer maybe they need to look at what private developers do with property that is not making money. If a developer had a project that lost 40% of it's value and has a negative cash flow position for some time he would find a new tenant or take his lumps and his loss. Maybe it's time to start divesting in some of these ventures. If we could do this, get our credit rating back and show a visible path to managing our current and future debt I'd say raising taxes might not be an issue.
I'm not sure if Coralville families know their portion of the debt is
$36000 per household.

Why should Coralville voters care about this issue?

If we continue on this course we will definitely be paying more in property taxes. I don't even want to think about a local option tax. Property owners will be forced to raise rental rates. Young people looking to buy their first home will think twice about the high property taxes. They already are. Business owners will raise their prices on goods and services. Seniors on a fixed income will have to question whether the can afford the home the have lived in all their lives. City services will suffer. It is a spiral we don't even want to contemplate.

Thank you for giving me a chance to answer a few of the questions regarding this election.
I will do everything in my power to serve the people of Coralville.
David Petsel

Why we need a change in direction.

I am concerned as a Coralville resident and business owner the direction the current administration is heading. I am concerned about our children. I am concerned about the future viability of our city with the massive debt load. I feel a municipality such as ours has no reason to own property like it does. I am angry that a few in our community are allowing the taxpayers to take the risk involved around private businesses.  I am definitely pro growth and will make sure the tax revenues involved in any new projects are spent wisely. I don’t want public services cut. I want our parks maintained, I want our roads repaired. I feel I must run for the city council to affect change in our current course. I am not a politician. It is time you get a say in the community again. 

When I have a vote on the council I want you to know that I will be there To Serve Coralville. I am your advocate.

I would appreciate your vote  November 5th for Coralville City Council

In my canvasing thus far I am receiving incredible support and appreciation for my positions and my choice to run for City Council.
This response only presses me harder to make this campaign a success.

If you agree with my vision for Coralville and would like to put up my yard sign please email me at davidpetsel@gmail.com with your information and address and I will contact you.

If you would like to Donate to my campaign please send a check payable to:
David Petsel To Serve Coralville
720 Breconshire Ln
Coralville, Ia 52241

Thank You For The Continuing Support
David Petsel

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